REMA is inspired by the text by Pier Paolo Pasolini and our collective appreciation for creating visual language full of intrigue and poetry.

We are creative risk takers and collaborators. Our goal is to create innovative, memorable, and fresh ideas to get our clients noticed. REMA are cinephiles who come from a diverse background in: graphic design, directing, production design, fashion, photography, creative direction, advertising, and cinematography. We specialize in fashion film, music videos, branded content, commercials, film, and photography. 

REMA is based in Los Angeles and Mexico City.



Discovery Channel, El Rey Network, K/O Paper Products, Secret Hideout, Crypt TV, 

Astronauts Wanted, and Awesomeness TV



 Bliss, Converse, MTV, American Apparel, Twin Music UK, SHOWstudio, Dresslab, Sargent House,

Aflac, RCA, Grammy's, SORA Super Bike, Singer, and Colorfast Apparel 




Charlene Bagcal

CEO, Co-Founder, Director, and Photographer

Charlene A. Bagcal is a Commercial and Narrative Director, Writer, and Photographer. She is most notably known for her mysterious, provocative and hyper-visual films always grasping between the surreal and reality. Her films have screened internationally in festivals in the UK, Turkey, US, Mexico, and South Africa. 

In 2016, she received a development deal from Producer,Astronauts Wanted, joint venture between former CEO of MTV Networks - Judy McGrath and Sony Music, for her series, The Un/Desirables. Soon after, she collaborated with the studio, Crypt TV, for her horror short film, The Neighbors that reached almost 5 million views.

Most recently, Charlene was a 2018 Ryan Murphy TV HALF Initiative director fellow on FX series American Horror Story.

She is currently in development for her debut drama thriller feature, Donna, and dystopian crime series, The Un/Desirables. Her recent western thriller short film, Bury Me Not, is currently gearing up to begin the festival circuit.

Represented by Grandview for Film & TV and Forward Content NY for Commercial. 


Co-Founder and Cinematographer

Eduardo Rivas Servello specializes in cinematography, from the world-renowned, Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematograficos - UNAM, also know as “CUEC”, in Mexico City. A Mexico City native, he began studying still photography at the IPN, where he began his jouney into the world of images. At about the same time, he began studying visual arts at Centro de Educacion Artistica (CEDART) at the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, where he acquired his specialty in the field. His journey took him to Facultad de Artes Plasticas de la Universidad Veracruzana in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico where he studied Art History, Photography and Fine Art.

Eduardo has worked in a wide variety of formats in Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba and United States. 


Executive Producer

Jorge works on behalf of the studio, financiers and distributors. He ensures the films and productions are completed on time, within budget, and to agreed artistic and technical standards. He is currently raising a significant proportion of our film's finance and is securing the underlying rights to all our projects. Jorge is the representative of REMA Films / F.O.P Entertainment. He delegates the technical aspects of the filmmaking process and plays the crucial financial role of ensuring that our projects in development go into production and distribution.

His vast and diverse experience with high profile individuals, athletes, politicians, investors and artists, along with his innate ability for transparency and vision, make him our nexus between Hollywood and the rest of the world.


Documentary Director and Editor

Originally from Mexico, he has been working in art and film in the US, Europe and Mexico for the past decade. He is currently finishing his last documentary "Ya me voy" (2017) and editing the feature documentary "Jay Myself" (2017) about the color photographer Jay Maisel. He was additional cinematographer and editor of the documentary “Havana Motor Club” (2015) about Cuba’s top drag racers and their quest to hold the first official race since the revolution that recently premiered at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. Co-Director, cinematographer and editor of the documentary Co-director, cinematographer and editor of “Firmes, Mexicans in the Bronx” (Nat Geo Latino, 2013) about undocumented Immigrants who have left the gang life behind and formed a Lowrider car club on the East Coast. Croda also completed the feature film, “Victorio” (2008) as Co-Director and Editor, which was awarded Opera Prima at the Guanajuato Film Festival, and screened in various festivals in Europe and Latin America, including Valencia, Huelva, St. Petersburg, Havana and selected for the Human Right competition in Bilbao film festival.


Producer and Sound Designer

OA Sonido emerged in 2010. At the head of the studio is Odín Acosta, who has collaborated on more than 80 Mexican and Latin American projects as a sound designer, sound editor and sound engineer. Some of them are: "Expiration Date" (Kenya Márquez, Mexico 2011) "Mala Junta" (Claudia Huaquimilla, Chile 2017) "Until the end of the day" (Mauricio Bidault, Mexico 2015) "We are Mari Pepa" (Samuel Kishi, Mexico 2015) "We the stones" (Álvaro Torres, Costa Rica, 2017) amongst others.

The studio works sound design for animation as well with projects by Sofía Carrillo, Juan José Medina, Rita Basulto and León Fernández: "Prita noire", "Zimbo", "El corazón del sastre", "The aeronauts", "Taller de corazones "," The sad house "and "Cerulia" Odín Acosta, participated in the Berlinale Talent Campus in 2013 and is a member of the winning team of Ariel for the best sound for the movie "Backyard El Traspatio" by Carlos Carrera, Mexico 2011. In the direct sound field he has worked for different companies, including VIACOM (MTV) BBC and NETFLIX. At present, OA Sonido, awards prizes at the Guadalajara International Film Festival FICG, in its section "Guadalajara builds" benefiting the Chilean project "Mala Junta" and the Venezuelan "Infection". OA Sonido produces the documentary "Lejos del Sentido" by Olivia Luengas, and serves as co-producer of "Los años azules" by Sofía Gómez Córdova.


Colorist and Post Supervisor

Ernie has been involved in the production of audiovisuals for 25 years and co-owner of Manosanta in Mexico City. He has vast experience in various disciplines and works at different levels, countries, platforms, and areas in the industry such as music, education, production and post production. Ernie has worked professionally as an audio engineer, editor/online editor, colorist, composer, producer, and is a specialist in workflow of multiple areas such as audio, video, web, DVD, television, film, as well as the development of free software applications (e-learning software). He is currently also an ambassador for DaVinci. 



Converse, MTV Miaw, Crypt TV, Discovery Channel, BULLETT, Chelsea Wolfe, SHOWstudio (UK), DRESSLAB (Spain), Astronauts Wanted, Allie X, WeAreSelecters (Spain), MITU, LITO Sora Electric Superbikes, Singer, Aflac, Grammys, Modernaked (Spain), Sargent House, L.A. Record, Manhattan Fashion Directory, LADYGUNN, Glassbook




EVA - venacava

April 2019

Eva “Venacava” music video premiere on LADYGUNN!

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 1.15.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 1.18.23 PM.png

Film Premiere/

InfeccíON is an official selection at FICG Guadalajara ‘19

Jan 2019

We are so excited to announce that Infeccíon, directed by Flavio Pedota, has been selected to be an Official Selection at FICG Guadalajara film festival ‘19! REMA Films is a co-producer for the film and our very own, Eduardo R. Servello, AMC, serving as Cinematographer.





October 2018

We would like to congratulate our Co-Founder and Director, Charlene A. Bagcal, for being selected into Ryan Murphy’s HALF Initiative TV Directing Fellowship. She was a mentee on FX’s American Horror Story: Season 8.



Mexican Society of cinematographers(A.M.C.)

May 2018

We are thrilled to announce that our co-founder and Cinematographer, Eduardo R. Servello, has been accepted into the Mexican Society of Cinematographers (A.M.C.). We are so proud of all of his achievements and excited to see what the future holds for him. Introducing, Eduardo R. Servello, A.M.C. - has a nice ring to it:)





Dec 2017

Official music video for Maite Perroni's (Warner Music) Spanish version of song "This is Me" for The Greatest Showman (Fox) starring Hugh Jackman. Congrats on the Golden Globe nominations for Best Original Song, Best Picture and Best Performance!


Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 8.41.51 AM.png



Crypt TV

Nov 2017

We are very excited for the premiere of our Co-Founder's, Charlene A. Bagcal, horror short film

titled, The Neighbors, for Eli Roth's, Crypt TV - backed by Jason Blum and Blumhouse Productions. Charlene is the Creator, Writer, Director, and Producer for the film. The Neighbors had a successful premiere and had over three million views in its first month.




Nov 2017

Music video premiere of Drum & Lace's ABYSSO on A Book Of!


Sustefest international film festival of suspense & horror 

Oct 2017

Our Co-Founder and Writer/Director, Charlene A. Bagcal, will be screening her horror short film, You Look Pale,  at Sustefest International Film Festival of Suspense and Horror in Mexico!

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 10.12.33 PM.png

martial arts docu-series "Bushido Battleground" for the el rey network

Aug 2017

We are excited to announce that at Co-Founder/Cinematographer, Eduardo R. Servello, new martial arts docs-series "Bushido Battleground" for the El Rey Network's will be premiering Oct. 18th.  

Role: Cinematography

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 9.02.55 AM.png


Allie X - Paper Love


June 2017

Video Premiere: Allie X (Twin Music UK) - "Paper Love" (Acoustic) 

Role: Executive Producer, Director and Cinematography



crypt TV

July 2017

Congrats to our Co-Founder, Charlene A. Bagcal, on her recent development deal with Eli Roth's, CryptTV, that is backed by Jason Blum. She is a new Creator, Writer, and Director for her horror short film, The Neighbors. Premieres in November 2017.



Drum & Lace - Parisian Night

May 2017

Video Premiere: Drum & Lace - "Parisian Night" on LADYGUNN

Role: Creative Producer, Director and Cinematography

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 4.04.42 PM.png

MTV MIAW awards 2017

May 2017

We are excited to have worked on the new promos for the MTV Miaw awards featuring YouTube sensation and funny gal, Lele Pons. Directed by Alex Messianu.

Check it out here: ZURIPONS MTV MIAW

Role: Cinematography and Art Director (LA)

The LONdon international festival of science fiction and fantasy film

April 2017

Our short film, "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," has been selected at The London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantasy Film. We are very excited to have our film screened at UK's biggest and best sci-fi film festival in the UK. The festival even described our film as, "A definite WTF for the festival." Best compliment we could ever receive. Our film is part of the Shorts Programme 6.

official selection at Mercedes-benz bokeh international fashion film festival

Feb. 2017

Our fashion film, "SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES," is an Official Selection at this years Mercedes-Benz Bokeh Fashion Film Festival in South Africa in April '17 and also has a nomination for BEST ACTOR. This is a film collaboration we did with the talented Rose Petal Pistol.

THE UN/Desirables series development deals with Astronauts wanted and Blackpills 

Dec. 2016

We are thrilled to announce the recent development deal between Astronauts Wanted (US) and Blackpills (FR) for our Co-Founder/Director's, Charlene Bagcal, sci-fi series THE UN/DESIRABLES.

Matthew Koma "Kisses back"

Nov. 2016

Excited to collaborate with Director, Jungle George, yet again on his new music video for Matthew Koma's (RCA), "Kisses Back." We love this edgy and playful video!

REMA's role: Creative Producer, Production Design and Cinematography

blood window at VENTANA SUR (ARGENTINA)

Nov. 2016

Last year our Co-Founder and Cinematographer, Eduardo Servello, filmed horror/thriller, "Infección," directed by Flavio Pedota, in Venezuela. We would like to congratulate the entire team on being accepted in the at the Blood Window festival, at Ventana Sur, in Argentina this month. Best of luck and continued success!

REMA's role: Cinematographer


Nov. 2016

Big congrats to our Co-Founder and visionary Writer/Director, Charlene Bagcal, on her recent development deal with Producer, Astronauts Wanted, for her thriller series. Astronauts Wanted is a joint venture between Sony Music and former Chairperson/CEO MTV networks, Judy McGrath.

Charlene is the Co-Creator and Director for the series.


Nov. 2016

In 2013, our co-founders, Charlene Bagcal and Eduardo Servello, worked on the paranormal horror feature, "21 Days," written and directed by Kathleen Behun. We are excited to announce the growing success of this film and its recent distribution deal with powerhouse Gravitas VenturesWe could not be more proud of Kathleen and the entire team who helped make this film a reality.

REMA's role: Production Designer and Cinematographer



Aug. 2016

It is always a pleasure working with two of our favorite collaborators, Allie X (Twin Music UK) and Director, Jungle George. Big congrats to them both on their new music video release for "All The Rage" - featuring RuPaul's Drag Race winner, Violet Chachki.

REMA's role: Producer and Cinematographer



May 2015

Continued success to Writer/Director, Fernando Barreda, on the phenomenal success of his short film, "Kiss of Vengeance," a Nopal Army production. The film has had an Official Selection at Stiges (Spain), Feratum (Mexico), Macabro (Mexico) and, Lagos De Moreno (Mexico), XBOX One, Indieflix and Roku. You can view it platforms such as Indieflix, Roku and XBOXone. 

REMA's role: Cinematographer